#Anthrostudent |Call for Book Reviews 2015 | Deadline March 22nd

4 Feb

Call for Book Reviews – Student Anthropologist, 2015 issue Deadline: March 22, 2015

Student Anthropologist is the flagship peer-reviewed journal of the National Association of Student Anthropologists (the largest organization of anthropologist students in the world). It is an annual digital publication. Students from all levels and disciplines are encouraged to contribute.

We are currently seeking submissions for our book review section. Student Anthropologist is interested in three types of book reviews:

  1. Book reviews of current award winning anthropology texts, including those of AAA section award winners;
  2. Book reviews of recently published ethnographies (within the past three years), edited volumes or other texts, which possess particularly useful pedagogical qualities;
  3. Reviews of two or three recently published books (within the past five years) focusing on a particular topic (i.e. well-being, kinship, etc.).

Please review our full submission guidelines, which can be found here.

All submissions should be sent to the Book Review Editor at studentanthropologist@gmail.com. The submission should include the manuscript and a cover sheet containing the author’s name, contact information, student status and affiliation.

#Anthrostudent | Student Anthropologist Journal’s Annual Release!

25 Jan

Student Anthropologist is pleased to announce the release of our annual issue. The full issue can be found here.

If you are interested in submitting an article for peer review for our 2015 issue the deadline is March 1stFor more details visit our most recent CFP.

We would like to thank the many authors, peer reviewers, Editorial Board members, and other contributors who have made this issue possible!

#Anthrostudent | Call for Papers | Deadline March 1st

17 Jan

Call for Papers 2015

Deadline: March 1, 2015

Student Anthropologist is putting out a new Call for Papers for our 2015 volume.

Our journal seeks scholarly submissions from undergraduate and graduate students worldwide, in particular those emphasizing anthropology’s capacity to shape public issues, social problems, and global realities. These submissions should be based on original research and analysis.

Please review our full submission guidelines, which can be found here.

We accept two types of scholarly submissions:
1. Research Articles: based on the author’s original research; under 6,000 words in length.
2. Commentary submissions: opinion, theory, or “think” pieces that are the original work of the author. Commentary submissions might include such mediums as written pieces (approx. 2,000 words in length), photo essays (10 photos + 1,000 words of commentary in length) and videos/YouTube© clips (10-minute maximum in duration + 1,000 words of commentary in length).

All submissions should be sent to the Editor at studentanthropologist@gmail.com

#Anthrostudent | Call for Special Issue Proposals | Deadline September 1st

15 Jul

Call for Special Issue Proposals

Submission Deadline: September 1, 2014

Student Anthropologist is seeking proposals for a Special Issue to be produced by a Guest Editor or collective Guest Editorial team. The Guest Editors’ main editorial task is to manage the peer review of submitted manuscripts and contribute an introductory note/essay. Guest Editors should recommend papers for publication only on the basis of academic merit and subject appropriateness. Guest Editors will work closely with the journal’s Editorial Board throughout the peer review and production process. All proposals are subject to approval by the journal following a discussion of the proposed Special Issue among the journal’s Editorial Board.

Please review our CFP, which can be found here.

  • A list including names, emails, affiliations, and a short biography (one paragraph) of the Lead Guest Editor and any additional Guest Editors who will manage the Special Issue. Please include CVs.
  • A brief description of the special issue (200-­‐300 words) including a working title, proposed aims and scope, an overview of the Special Issue’s intended focus, and a list of the topics to be covered.
  • A call for papers or a list of contributors with brief bio (50 words or less) and article abstracts (200 words).
  • A proposed timeline and schedule.

All submissions should be sent to the Editor at studentanthropologist@gmail.com

#Anthrostudent | Call for Papers | Deadline June 30th

23 May

June 30th is our new submission deadline for our Call for Papers at Student Anthropologist.

For our full submission guidelines click here: Submission Guidelines

Our journal seeks scholarly submissions from undergraduate and graduate students worldwide, in particular those emphasizing anthropology’s capacity to shape public issues, social problems, and global realities. These submissions should contain original research.

We accept two types of submissions:

1. Research: articles based on original research that are under 6,000 words in length.

2.Commentary:  theory or opinion pieces that are the original work of the author. Commentary submissions might include such mediums as written pieces (approx. 2,000 words in length), photo essays (10 photos + 1,000 words of commentary in length) and videos/YouTube© clips (10-minute maximum in duration + 1,000 words of commentary in length).

Become a Peer Reviewer!

29 Mar

We are currently reviewing a great batch of some very innovative drafts submitted by student authors for our 2014 issue, which means we are looking for some peer reviewers to help with the review process.

To become a peer reviewer please send an email with the following information to: studentanthropologist@gmail.com 

(1) Research interests: [subfields, thematic and theoretical interests, keywords]
(2) Area of research: [region, specific field sites]
(3) Research experience: [methods, long term v. short term]
(4) Student status: [BA, MA, PHD, department, Uni]

We also recommend that you have a look at this helpful post from Savage Minds on the virtues of peer reviewers.


#Anthrostudent – “Visual Tales from the Field” – a call for photographs!

10 Feb

As Anthrostudents many of us make visual documents whilst conducting ethnography in the field. It is a research method that may serve a number of functions: a photograph can be immediate and precise where a written description taken in the field just won’t be sufficient; or photographs and sketches can later serve as visual cues, part of the process of remembering and richly representing the world in our written ethnographic pieces. Many other times, we might take a photo simply because the field throws up something so incredibly beautiful, wondrous or unusual that  we’re inspired to capture it on camera.

Unfortunately, many of the photographs we take are never seen by our peers – the published representations of our fieldsites too often limited only to words, and those visual traces become archived in some folder somewhere, gathering real or virtual dust.

A few months ago, Student Anthropologist Journal started the gallery section of the website to display and highlight some of the interesting, informative and aesthetically appealing pieces we received along with our article submissions. However, we’d like to expand upon that now, and Student Anthropologist Journal is calling for all Anthrostudents, regardless of sub-discipline, to submit one of their favourite photographs taken whilst conducting ethnography in the field.

It can be of whatever subject you want, and it’s visual style and function is up to you – documentary or abstract, informative or aesthetically appealing, self-reflexive or objective – and we would like you to write a small description to accompany the photograph and explain to the viewer what the image is saying and doing. The description can be a few short sentences or a few paragraphs – up to you. (we are also happy to accept illustrations or sketches too!)

We would like to post your photographs online and curate a collection of Anthrostudent field photos in our Gallery. This is an ongoing project, with no specific deadline. For the time being we will post them up onto the “gallery” section of the website at https://studentanthropologist.wordpress.com/ but if we get a large enough response we will construct a separate website to display them all.

Finally as an added incentive, from this collection, the editorial board will choose a favourite photo and place it on the front cover of Student Anthropologist Journal’s 2014 issue release!

Please send all your photos to, with subject heading “Anthrostudent: Visual Tales from the Field” to studentanthropologist@gmail.com . Make sure the photo you submit is of a high resolution and remember to add a written description of what is being represented in the image. Finally at the end of the email, could you please copy and paste this statement:

I, [your name] grant Student Anthropologist Journal permission to display my photograph or illustration, accompanied with written description, on their website. I remain the sole owner of the photograph and, if I wish and for whatever reason, can ask to have the photo withdrawn immediately from the website. I am aware that the photograph will be accessible via this website free of charge and all content is available to be shared or republished, provided that I, the author, am correctly and fully sourced. Finally, I acknowledge that the photograph was either taken in a public venue, or the identifiable persons in the photograph have given permission to have their representation displayed on a publicly accessible website.

And that’s it. Submission doesn’t take much, and it’s a great way to share some of your interesting fieldwork and talent with fellow student peers. Thank you and we’re really looking forward to seeing what contributions we receive from Anthrostudents all over the globe.


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