Call for Special Issue Proposals

26 Apr

Special Issue Proposal Guidelines

Deadline: June 1, 2012

*Those interested in submitting proposals should contact Jessica Hardin, Editor of Student Anthropologist, at*

Student Anthropologist is seeking Special Issue Proposals for an issue to be produced in 2012.  The Guest Editors’ main editorial task is to manage the peer review of submitted manuscripts and contribute an introductory note/essay. Guest Editors should recommend papers for publication only on the basis of academic merit and subject appropriateness. The Guest Editor will work closely with Jessica Hardin throughout the peer review and production process. All proposals are subject to approval by the journal following a discussion of the proposed Special Issue among the journal’s Editorial Board.

  • A list including names, emails, affiliations, and a short biography (one paragraph) of the Lead Guest Editor and any additional Guest Editors who will manage the Special Issue. Please include CVs.
  • A brief description of the special issue (200-300 words) including a working title, proposed aims and scope, an overview of the Special Issue’s intended focus, and a list of the topics to be covered.
  • A call for papers or a list of contributors with brief bio (50 words or less) and article abstracts (200 words)
  • A proposed timeline and schedule.

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