Call for Papers: Special Issue on Anthropological Fieldwork: Innovative Applications of Methodology and Technology

11 Aug

Call for Papers: Special Issue on Anthropological Fieldwork: Innovative Applications of Methodology and Technology

Submission Deadline January 11, 2013

Student Anthropologist is the flagship peer-reviewed journal of the National Association of Student Anthropologists (the largest organization of anthropologist students in the world). It is an annual digital publication which invites students from all levels and disciplines to contribute.

As anthropologists, we develop research plans based on the best use of methodology and technology for our project needs, yet finding resources to assist in project design remains a challenge. This issue is designed to serve as a forum in which students can share novel uses of resources, technologies, as well as experiences from the field in which they have overcome novel issues. This issue will feature papers from across all subfields and will describe innovative applications of methods or technology from within anthropology or outside the field to actual fieldwork. This issue will provide students at all levels of study the opportunity to share experiences as well as reviews of possible technologies and novel applications of methodology.

We seek scholarly submissions from undergraduate and graduate students worldwide, in particular those emphasizing novel application of methods and technology. Submissions should be based on original research projects or project proposals. Submissions may describe ongoing research or research that has not begun, as long as adequate descriptions of the methodologies and technologies used are included.  Submissions accepted include:

Commentary discussing innovative solutions to classic problems. This can include anecdotal tales from the field, or discussions of impromptu solutions to issues such as gaining the trust of potential informants, overcoming difficulties in procuring samples, systematizing recording methods between team members, etc.

  • Descriptions of research based on novel applications of interdisciplinary methodologies. Interdisciplinary methodologies may include the incorporation of methods borrowed from other fields, such as psychology, art history, or biology, as well as the use of archaeological methods in ethnography, ethnographic methods in linguistic research, etc.
  • Analyses of the usefulness of the application of a particular method and/or technology to a research project. Submitters should feel free to use this as an avenue for discussion of techniques which proved difficult or unfeasible, or the successful incorporation of new technologies, ranging from the incorporation of iPads to highly technical scientific equipment in research.
  • Reviews of books written specifically as guides to methodology or technology.
  • Literature reviews of a particular methodology or technology. This must include an extensive history of the technique under discussion as well as recommendations for incorporating the technique into future research.

Submissions should be 4,000-6,000 words in length, and are subject to a peer review process.

Submission Guidelines

Any student currently enrolled in a BA, MA, or PhD program is welcome to submit articles to be considered for publication. While this is an anthropology journal, students do not need to be enrolled in an anthropology program.

All submissions should be sent in a single document as an attachment and saved in Microsoft Office Word (.doc or .docx) or Mac Pages (.pages) format and conform to AAA style ( Submissions should be double spaced and adhere to the word limits outlined in this CFP. Please remove all identifying information from the manuscript and include a cover page including name, institution, student status, up to five keywords describing the paper, and a 250 word abstract. Please save the document with your last name in the title.

Send submissions, as well as any questions, to the Editors, at


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