NEW Special Issue release ! “African Diaspora Religion”

15 Jan

Student Anthropologist Journal is very pleased to announce a brand new SPECIAL ISSUE!

Check out the contents and download the issue here

“African Diaspora Religion” contains four articles exploring how African diasporic religions are transmitted and introduced to new spaces and places, how the adherents adapt to new environments and how these religious practices and spiritual pathways aid them in that process.

1) Fostering Community Among African Migrant Christians in Massachusetts by Louise Beryl

2) Self, Lwa and Haiti: Adherence Process and ‘Reinvention of the Selfby a Therapeutic Use of Haitian Vodou in Montreal by Hadrien Munier

3) Drumming for the Orisa: (Re)Inventing Yoruba Identity in Oyotunji Village by Colin Townsend

4) Rastafari in Germany: Jamaican Roots and Global–Local Influences by Anastasia Wakengut

Congratulations to guest editor Lisanne Norman and all special issue authors.

Don’t forget our other Special Issue released just a few months ago on fieldwork methods and technologies and our 2013 general issue release


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