Announcing Student Anthropologist 2016

15 May

I am proud to present the 2016 issue of Student Anthropologist.

Student Anthropologist is the flagship journal of the student section of the American Anthropological Association, but it seems that we have historically been relegated to publishing our scholarship as PDFs to a WYSIWYG web host. You may note that there was some delay with the publication of this issue of Student Anthropologist. This is simply because just as I was preparing to publish the issue to our website, an exciting opportunity dropped into my lap: the opportunity to publish Student Anthropologist through my own institution – Washington University in St. Louis – on an open-access platform called bepress. I have long believed that because Student Anthropologist is a peer-reviewed publication, it needs an ISSN and that the articles therein need DOIs; bepress does just that, and will continue long after I finish my editorship and after I leave WUSTL. Further, bepress also acts as a portal from which we can distribute our Calls for Manuscripts and through which authors my submit their manuscripts*. Unfortunately, to move forward on this issue in a timely fashion, it is not possible to publish through bepress until the next issue. I am happy to report, however, that once our new bepress portal is online, we will begin retroactively archiving our backlog of issues and those articles will receive DOI numbers as well. Best of all, as I mentioned, bepress is open-access so the journal will continue to be available to anyone and everyone. I am very excited for the future of Student Anthropologist.

This issue would not have been possible without a lot of passionate and dedicated people. I want to thank my most immediate predecessor, Sara Smith, for her guidance and support throughout the process as I found my sea legs. I also want to thank my incredible Editorial Board who responded to countless, nagging emails with patience and understanding. More than anyone else, however, I need to highlight the hard work and drive of Alexea Howard (Peer Review Editor) and Jessica Chandras (Book Review Editor), without whom there would be no 2016 issue. The excellence that they demand of themselves is interminable and awe-inspiring, and it has been an honor to work with each of them.

*Manuscript and Book Review submissions are always welcome for the 2017 issue, but an official Call will be distributed shortly and we may ask that you resubmit through our new bepress portal.


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