Announcing Student Anthropologist 2019

28 Dec

I am proud to present the 2019 issue of Student Anthropologist.

After several years of a limited existence, the Student Anthropologist is more robust than ever. In this edition our readers will find sixteen different works, including original research articles, think pieces, photo commentaries, and book reviews written by up-and-coming, young anthropologists. As the National Association of Student Anthropologists’ flagship, peer-reviewed journal, the Student Anthropologist is guided by the thematic and theoretical interests of students, offering scholars of any level or subfield an opportunity to voice their perspectives. This edition includes topics as wide-ranging as dance heritage management (Valleroy; Creek), subsistence strategies of small-scale farmers (Morrill & King), and a philosophical exploration of the words and theoretical frames we use to conceptualize our very existence (Hanschu). With a geographic spread from Australia to Bangladesh to Nepal to Iceland and closer to home in Chicago, the 2018/2019 issue includes methodological reflections (Husain; Winful; Forbes) balanced by ethnographic insights (Walters; Walters; Hurley) and poignant reviews of the provocative new titles released by more advanced scholars (Commerer; Heffernan; Mylin; Mittal; McMillen; Martinez). The student authors in this issue also cover an impressive theoretical breath from strategies of neoliberal city-making to the political economy of tourism, touching on the ethics of fieldwork at home after a long absence and the way forward for the discipline by embracing technological advancement while holding on to historical nuance. We hope that our readers will enjoy the glimpse these articles provide into the topics and issues that will continue to rise in the field over the next decades as young scholars, such as those showcased here, move forward in academia and beyond.

This issue would not have been possible without the tireless work of several individuals, particularly Interim Editor Stephanie Mojica. Along with Peer Review Editor Alexea Howard and Book Review Editor Elizabeth Holdsworth, Stephanie was the rejuvenating force the SA needed to get back off the ground. The work I have done this year finalizing the edition is fully indebted to these three women’s persistence and dedication. I would also like to thank Design Editor Daisy Li for her creative technical skills, allowing us to publish the issue after long delays. Finally, we at the SA are grateful for the support and advice we have received from the AAA Publishing Board, particularly Director Janine McKenna.

I hope all our readers enjoy this edition and stay tuned for the 2019/2020 issue coming next year.

Bridget Kelly, Editor

*Research Article, Commentary, and Book Review submissions are always welcome for the our next issue (2021), but an official call will be distributed shortly.*


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