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Call for Papers and Peer Reviews—2019/2020 Edition

12 Apr

Submission Deadline: June 15, 2019

About: Student Anthropologist is the flagship peer-reviewed journal of the National Association of Student Anthropologists, the largest organization of student anthropologists in the world. It is an annual digital publication. We encourage students from all levels and disciplines to contribute to the journal.

Aim and Scope: We aim to provide students with an opportunity to present their research and voice their perspectives through our annual publication, Student Anthropologist. With each issue we explore new directions in anthropology, allowing student interests to guide our selection of thematic and theoretical avenues of inquiry. We seek a plurality of voices from all subfields and levels within the discipline. Student Anthropologist welcomes not only original research addressing anthropological issues and problems, but also submissions that examine how anthropological skills, ideas, and ethnography can shed light on contemporary social issues. The journal is committed to guiding students through the peer review and revision process to publish innovative and high-quality articles.

Submission Guidelines: We seek scholarly submissions from undergraduate and graduate students worldwide, in particular those emphasizing anthropology’s capacity to inform public issues, social problems, and global realities. These submissions should contain original research or commentary. In accordance with general academic publishing guidelines, articles must not have been previously published elsewhere (in full or in part). However, non-published conference papers adapted to fit our journal’s guidelines may be acceptable. Please disclose if your paper has been or will be part of a conference presentation. We will work with you to see if we can accommodate you, depending on the circumstances.

Any student (in any country in the world) enrolled in a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral program may submit. While this is an anthropology journal, students do not need to be enrolled in an anthropology program. We will also consider submissions from people who graduated in 2016 or 2017. Your submission should be at least partially based on research or other work you did while enrolled in a college or a university.

We accept four types of scholarly submissions:

  1. Research Articles: based on the author’s original research; under 6,000 words in length.
  2. Commentary: opinion, theory, or “think” pieces that are the author’s original work. Submissions might include such mediums as written pieces (approximately 2,000 words in length), photo essays (10 photos and 1,000 words of commentary) and videos/YouTube© clips (10-minute maximum in duration and 1,000 words of commentary).
  3. Book Reviews: detailed information will be released in a separate post.
  4. Photo Essays: 10 to 20 compelling photos, ideally from the anthropological field, that tell a story in themselves. However, you can include up to 1,000 words of commentary. Again, you must have the legal rights to any and all images that will be published in Student Anthropologist.

All submissions should include:

  1. A cover sheet (the first page of the document) containing the author’s name, contact information, paper title, student status and affiliation, and any relevant acknowledgments.
  2. A double-spaced manuscript that adheres to The Chicago Manual of Style (16th edition)and does not contain any identifying information about the author (peer review is double-blind). This should also include a 250-word abstract and three keywords. Please save the document with your last name as the document name.
  3. Send your photos/graphics in an email or send a link such as Google Drive that only you and Student Anthropologist can access. (Again, we cannot publish previously published submissions — including photos and commentaries on personal blogs and/or social media.)

All submissions should be sent to the Managing Editor, Bridget Kelly, at

Interested in Peer Reviewing?
In addition to publishing excellent student research, Student Anthropologist also aims to provide students of all levels with professional editorial opportunities. Students act as peer reviewers and editors.

If you would like to peer review or are interested in other journal production opportunities, please contact the Managing Editor, Bridget Kelly, at



3 Feb

Call for Design Editor
Submission Deadline: March 20, 2019.

Student Anthropologist, the journal of the National Association of Student Anthropologists (a section of the American Anthropological Association) is currently seeking applications for a Design Editor for our 2019 issue.

The Design Editor must be a current part-time or full-time undergraduate or graduate student in ANY discipline at any accredited college or university in the world. Recent graduates may also apply. An interest in anthropology and/or academic publishing is strongly preferred.

Student Anthropologist is published online in PDF format; we are not a print publication.

Required responsibilities and skills:

  • Create the cover for the 2019 annual issue, coordinating with the E-Journal Editor as appropriate.
  • Create any graphics needed to accompany articles in the issue, using a program such as Photoshop or Illustrator (Design Editor’s choice).
  • Improve the quality of any photos included in the issue, using a program such as Photoshop (Design Editor’s choice).
  • Resize and/or crop photos included in the 2018 issue, using a program such as Photoshop (Design Editor’s choice).
  • Design and layout the issue, using a program such as InDesign, Pages for Mac, Microsoft Publisher, or Microsoft Word (Design Editor’s choice).

Please send the following information to the E-Journal Editor, Bridget Kelly, at

  1. Name
  2. Current college or university
  3. Level (undergrad or graduate)
  4. Major
  5. Resume or CV
  6. If your graphic design/publication layout experience is not evident from your resume or CV, please give a paragraph or two about any relevant coursework and/or freelance work.
  7. Examples of graphics you have created
  8. Examples of documents/publications you have designed and/or done layout for. (optional, but candidates with such samples will be given priority consideration)

As is traditional with student publications, there is no pay. However, this is an invaluable opportunity to gain professional experience in academic publishing.

The deadline for applications is March 20, 2019.


26 Jan

Call for Editor
Submission Deadline: February 15, 2019

The Anthropology Book Forum, an open access book and film review journal hosted by the American Anthropological Association (AAA) and operated by the National Association of Student Anthropologists (NASA), is currently accepting applications for an Editor. This position will be for one year (2019-2020) with the possibility of an extension into the following academic year. The Editor is primarily responsible for communicating with publishers and reviewers as well as selecting, editing, and publishing reviews. This Editor will work under the supervision of the NASA E-Journal Editor and will have mentorship opportunities from previous editors of other AAA journals.

The Anthropology Book Forum publishes reviews of both books and films of relevance and interest to a general anthropological audience, including sociocultural, linguistic, biological and linguistic anthropology as well as archaeology and closely cognate disciplines. The journal operates on a continuous publication model, publishing reviews as the editing process is completed. Professional as well as student authors are accepted and encouraged.

The specific duties of the Editor include:

  • Working with the AnthroBookForum’s existing publisher connections to develop our selection of books for review
  • Soliciting book review manuscripts from scholars whose works relate to the themes developed in the books we offer for review
  • Copy-editing texts to meet the AnthroBookForum’s standards for book reviews
  • Publishing the finished reviews online through the Anthropology News website

Interested applicants should send the following materials to the NASA E-Journal Editor, Bridget Kelly, at

  1. Full name
  2. University Affiliation
  3. A current CV (with emphasis on your editorial experience or connection to anthropology)
  4. A brief response to: What is your vision for the future of the AnthroBookForum? If selected as Editor what steps would you take to pursue that vision?
  5. Optional: A writing sample, either a journal article, academic term paper, or book review

It is highly recommended that the Editor has been or is currently enrolled in an anthropology program at the undergraduate or graduate level. There is special preference for those applicants with editorial experience. *You do not need to be a U.S. citizen or attending a U.S. college to apply.*

Interested candidates should familiarize themselves with AnthroBookForum Reviews at:

The deadline for applications is February 15, 2019.