Current Volume

Cover 2020  –  Student Anthropologist – vol. 7 (1) 

This 2019/2020 edition of the Student Anthropologist has taken on new dimensions that mirror the changing circumstances of the world at large. In an expanded commentary section, students address some of the global ramifications of the COVID-19 Pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movements. With these new commentaries, the total number of pieces in the 2019/2020 edition reached twenty-one. The full set of original research articles, think pieces, photo commentaries, and book reviews offers a nuanced glimpse at the issues piquing the curiosity of young scholars today, in particular our discipline’s relationship to activism—from movements for racial equity (Symes; Nguyen; Haeberle) to calls for freedom of gendered and sexual expression (Carlos; Iafrate), work towards climate justice (Boughton; Rasiulis), and advocacy for alternative medical models (Ding, Katzman; Murray; Taaseen; Krapf). Many of our authors interweave these questions with theoretical and methodological concerns as they ruminate on how anthropologists might better serve communities in need while improving traditional structures of knowledge production (Rasiulis; Harkins, Lucas, Strickland; Hirst). These same themes appear in several students’ critical reflections and summaries of books written by advanced scholars (Frempong; Marr; Emma Kahn; Salovaara; Seiler; Hansen).


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