Commentary: Remembering How to Imagine and Its Cultural Implications

Andrea Sandor

Last fall I attended an International Relations (IR) academic internship program in New York City, situated cozily near the Time Warner Building in midtown Manhattan. I enrolled in an ethics class, which focused on political realism. We would discuss to what extent states act purely in their self-interest. At times an important consideration was raised: “What about culture?” someone would suddenly ask. “Yes, what about culture!?” I, the lone anthropology student, felt like retorting. The other students grinned whenever I entered the conversation. As an anthropology student in a classroom of future policy makers, I felt out of my element. However, I think they were sincere when they said they appreciated my “anthropological perspective.” I was asked to write an article for the student-run political journal, just so long as it was anthropological.

Student Anthropologist, 1 (1)

Publication date: 2009

Pages: 16-17

Download PDF – Sandor 2009


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