Special Issue – African Diaspora Religion

African Diaspora Religion: Mobility and Transnationalism in the 21st Century

Access Full IssueStudent Anthropologist Special Issue

Publication date: 2013

Volume 3, issue 4

Message from Guest Editor

Lisanne Norman




Fostering Community Among African Migrant Christians in Massachusetts

Louise Beryl

Download PDF – Beryl 2013


Self, Lwa and Haiti: Adherence Process and ‘Reinvention of the Self’ by a Therapeutic Use of Haitian Vodou in Montreal

Hadrien Munier

Download PDF – Munier 2013


Drumming for the Orisa: (Re)Inventing Yoruba Identity in Oyotunji Village

Colin Townsend

Download PDF – Townsend 2013


Rastafari in Germany: Jamaican Roots and Global-Local Influences

Anastasia Wakengut

Download PDF – Wakengut 2013


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